Source Mod Plugins

 Left 2 Spare Backpack
Tired of throwing a grenade only to see you have to scavenge for another one? With this sourcemod, individual players will have the opportunity to store as many items as they like. 
Codes: Type in !pack into chat or bind a key to it (default: bind p"pack).
Cons: When using an item, sometimes your expected replacement will not appear, meaning you have to type !pack (or hit p).

Bandage Brain HP regeneration
Perfect health is hard to achieve but every second counts with this mod. Using HP regeneration heals your health 1 point at a time.
Shot Heard Around The World Lethal weapon
All the infected better watch out. If you have a dead aim, your shot will blast them to bits. Lethal Weapon gives the sniper rifles a new way to shoot flaming explosions to a zombie near you.
Instruction: Simply crouch while wielding a hunting rifle or sniper rifle and wait to charge your blast.

Double Trouble More witches
Download Here
Witches offer a daring challenge in our games but sometimes their charm doesn't last long. With this mod, you can have the map generate more than just one witch.
Cons: Newly spawned witches are usually placed in hard to reach places (pending on game mode).

Little Pick Me Up Pills pop
Download Here
Crap. Incapped and loaded with items I wish I could use. But wait, I still have pills and look now, I'm up and ready. Pills have never been so cherished. 
Instruction: If pills are in your selected inventory, press e and you're back on your feet. 
Cons: Pills pop will not work when an infected is over you but this feature is randomized and sometimes, you can't get up at all even when in the clear. 
Pills Pop isn't tied in with Backpack so stored pills won't save you unless selected.

Bang Bang Your Dead Satellite cannon
One time, my buddy Keith got aboard a satellite in space and he could shoot like lasers and shit when I use this magnum pistol. So now I can freeze, burn, and blast anything I want!
Instruction: Hold down on your mouse scroll to flip to the four firing modes.
Codes: sm_satellite_enable 1 to turn on this mod.
sm_satellite_limit_01/2/3 (number) changes the guns limited ammo on 3 different functions.
sm_satellite_adminonly 1 lets the admin use this mod only.
sm_satellite_height (number) changes the bolt's height.
Cons: Limited ammo is present.
There is no unlimited ammo feature.
Making changes to the ammo limitations work only after loading a new game. 

Walking Armory tankbuster
Wish you had a better gun, a different grenade, or just gnome Chompski? Look no further. Tankbuster is the solution to instant weapon, grenade, and item spawning. 
Codes: Type in !tankbuster into chat or bind a key to it (default: bind u"tankbuster).
Cons: The m60 and golf club are not featured in this mod.
Counter Strike weapons are included but they do little to no damage whatsoever.
Molotovs are not spawnable for some unknown reason.
Lacks Coach's cola. ):

My Keybinds    unassigned   official   essential  admin only
bind -"
bind ="
bind q"sm_servercommands
move forward
bind u"tankbuster
bind i"rpgmenu
bind o"fortspawn_remove
bind p"pack
bind ["
bind ]"
move left
move back
move right
bind g"
bind h"
bind j"
bind k"fortspawn_rotate
bind l"fortspawn_rotate
bind enter"fortspawn_menu
bind v"
bind b"
bind n"
bind m"fortspawn_rotate +90
bind ,"fortspawn_rotate +10
bind ."fortspawn_rotate -10